“I reached out to Stacey needing a cake for my husband’s 30th birthday, which was just a couple of days away. Thinking that I was totally pushing the envelope by nearly forgetting and waiting until the last possible minute to organize a birthday celebration (let’s not tell my husband that), Stacey came to the rescue providing me with not only a BEAUTIFUL cake, but a delicious cake! It was exactly what I wanted and my husband was so surprised and excited about his Nevada Wolf Pack cake. Stacey definitely made me look good, even though I was a total cluster trying to get his birthday celebration together. There is no doubt that we will be using her again for many more (hopefully better planned) celebrations.” –Emily R.

“When you need something that’s more than pretty — more than good to eat — this is where Stacey’s work stands out. She thinks a lot about the “why” of what she’s doing and brings amazing love-of-craft to producing a piece that becomes an integral part of the event it celebrates.” –Robert C.

“I ordered a cake from Stacey for my girlfriend’s birthday. After talking with her on numerous occasions we finalized the design and although I had a rough idea of what it would be like, it blew me away to see the finished product. She was not only a delight to deal with, but the cake itself was beyond my expectations. My girlfriend absolutely loved it and everyone couldn’t believe the detail that was involved. “She needs to do this for a living” was said a good ten to twelve times. One of the best things about it was that due to timing issues with her birthday being around the holidays, I had to pick up the cake and hide it in my garage for four days. At the end of the four days it was still perfectly intact, just as i had received it. And it was delicious too! I highly recommend ordering a cake from Stacey.” -Jared W.

“Cake on Sunday is amazing! Best cakes and service I have ever had!” -Patricia S.

“I loved the cake and cupcakes you made for my wedding! Everything looked and tasted great!  I was so happy with it! Everything was perfect! I got so many compliments!” –Stefanie P.

“Thank you! They loved the cupcakes. I had to sneak one and they were delish.” –Rachel S.

“My wife was very happy about the cake and the taste was awesome. Thank you so much for your time and help.” –Kalai K.
“Thank you Cake on Sunday and Stacey Sunday for the awesome cupcakes! Jake and his dad could not wait til today to have one… Jake is so excited to bring them to school today!” – Sharon M.
“Thank you so so much for my V-day cookies. They are amazing!!!!!!! You’re the best in town.” — Pattie S
Thank you Stacey Sunday – the cakes were amazing but I most appreciate you going the extra mile to make my mom her own cupcake.” — Susan P.
“Stacey, the desserts were wonderful. EVERYONE had awesome things to say about every dessert. The parfaits were a big hit, everyone was looking for more. The banana cream was to die for and you couldn’t eat just one chocolate covered Oreo. There was not one slice of cake left. I received so many wonderful compliments on the dessert table. You should be very proud of yourself and the dessert bar. I would recommend you to anyone!” – Rayne N.

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