N-E-V-A-D-A You Say…Nevada!

Awww my Alma Mater.

I love every time I get to make something Silver and Blue! Most recently, it has been cake pops.

You want to know how to feel old? Make some cake pops for someone turning 18 and then deliver them to the dorms. HOLY COW. I might only be 10 years older than these kids (only?! yikes) but I felt lost and entirely too old to be setting foot in that place. Oh what a decade will do.

These were for a member of the football team…a linebacker…eating these little cake pops from him mom…I love it!!


And these were for a sweet girl named Katy turning 18:


I thought I’d reminisce about the past UNR stuff I’ve made! Go Pack!

UNR                                                                                                 UNRGolf UNR





One of my favorite things about Reno is the love that everyone has for the Nevada Wolfpack. As an alumnus of the University of Nevada, Reno I just love when I get to make Wolfpack things.

Like these cupcakes to celebrate a graduate of the College:


Oh, how I just love my edible printer!

I am making a wedding cake later this summer for a bride who moved to Boise for school. And her mom asked me to make Boise State cookies. Ugh, yeah…I’ll get right on that. 😉