Ruffled Beauty

When I first started making cakes, I loved doing fondant cakes and wasn’t too fond(ant) seewhatIdidthere? of buttercream cakes. Now, it’s often quite the opposite. I love creating buttercream cakes and it’s amazing the different textures that can be created.

This wedding cake was my first time trying ruffled buttercream and it’s beautiful!

I created the bunting for this cake as well.


DSC_1036 DSC_1034 DSC_1039

Loved the astillbe and spray roses for this cake!


Rustic Charm

This style is right up my alley so I was more than happy to put together these treats for a woodland-themed baby shower.


Treats of all kinds…lemon cake (with candied lemons – my first time doing this and definitely not my last), French vanilla cupcakes (regular and mini), cake pops, and heart-shaped chocolate covered Oreos. Oh, and s’mores for the take home favors. So much sugar, so little time. DSC_0879

Candying some lemons…yum!

FullSizeRender (1)


^^Handmade bunting — I also can’t wait to do this a lot more. Cute and easy!

Matching cupcakes, of course!


Mini’s and some adorable (and delicious) hearts!FullSizeRender  


I don’t think you can ever have too many s’mores. I’ve had three in the past three days, in fact. Gimme s’more!!




Current fave: Textured buttercream and basic flowers

I love these simple, beautiful cakes.

I found these flowers in my backyard and they were the perfect touch for this textured cake for a couple to bring up to Lake Tahoe.

photo 2

photo 1

In fact, I love them so much, I made another similar one for a BBQ I went to:

photo 3

Both of these cakes were almond with raspberry filling!

photo 4



I do!

When I was first asked to make a wedding cake, I was extremely nervous.

I had about 5 decorated cakes under my belt…and a wedding cake seems so…important.

Fortunately, my first wedding cake was just one tier to complement the cake pops the bride had ordered:


Next Up? A cake for my future mother-in-law’s wedding. Three tiers to match the colors of the wedding, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate…a Neapolitan delight! I hand placed rhinestones on the three ribbons to give this cake some extra sparkle and handmade the fondant roses cascading down in ombre style.


It’s amazing to me how each cake can be so different and something I’ve never really done before. Fondant was my jam, but my bride wanted a rustic buttercream cake – three tiers (two strawberry, one very vanilla with real vanilla bean) and a chocolate sheet cake.


This has turned into one of my most favorite cakes.

Can I prove that? Yes! For my wedding just a few months later…a smaller, slightly altered version:


And last up, as I try to catch this blog up on all my past work, was a pink and black cake using the Chantilly lace technique.


I love doing wedding cakes…probably because I love weddings so much (especially after experiencing my own)! What a truly awesome day for brides and their families!