Ruffled Beauty

When I first started making cakes, I loved doing fondant cakes and wasn’t too fond(ant) seewhatIdidthere? of buttercream cakes. Now, it’s often quite the opposite. I love creating buttercream cakes and it’s amazing the different textures that can be created.

This wedding cake was my first time trying ruffled buttercream and it’s beautiful!

I created the bunting for this cake as well.


DSC_1036 DSC_1034 DSC_1039

Loved the astillbe and spray roses for this cake!


A Tahoe Wedding

After what feels like endless rainy weekends,we finally had a beautiful, sunny weekend…just in time for a wedding in Lake Tahoe.

For this wedding, I created a three-tier cake (all almond with raspberry filling!), 100 cake pops and 100 chocolate-covered Oreos.

The flowers that this bride chose were just gorgeous and the cake topper was the cutest thing ever…that makes my job easy. Err…easier.

As I arrived at the outside venue with all of my goodies I was delighted to see that the dessert area was THE only place in the sun. Really? After putting all the cake pops out…putting all the cake pops back in the fridge (and losing a couple to the heat)…and then putting all the cake pops back out, I could finally take a breath.

And then something happened that I’ve never seen in my life. All of the cake pops and chocolate-covered Oreos were gone before dinner. People were walking away from the dessert table with handfuls of sweets. I barely had time to snap a few photos as my husband fended off the sugar-hungry crowd. It was nuts. At least the cake survived for dessert!

The amazing and talented Gina of GMH Photography captured this…with at least a couple of cake pops left:


And this one…chocolate-covered Oreos…sugar on sugar. Yum! 10544354_10204469175791561_5692994619224866344_n

I mean, really? The cutest cake topper. Best day ever!


These flowers? Too perfect. 10620536_10204469175911564_545500141897260888_n DSC_0235

The venue was spectacular and the bride’s decorations were perfect!

photo 1

photo 2

They had a live band, a DJ and two bars. What more could you need?

After getting the cake and cake pops are ready, I had to get myself ready. Always fun in a public restroom.

photo 3

And here, the lovely bride and groom:

photo 4

photo 5



It’s wedding season!

And I had my first wedding cake of the year this past weekend.

As I was making the cake it was snowing. And not only did I have to drop everything to bring in the nearly $100 of flowers that were outside getting covered in snow (please don’t die, please don’t die), but it also brought me back to my wedding day. My wedding day in September brought the first snow of the season. Not exactly what I had pictured for my wedding day in September but it all worked out just perfectly. Wait, this isn’t about me and my wedding day, huh?

I felt an extra connection to this bride who’s wedding was likely falling on the final snow of the season. This next weekend, the weather is going to be in the 80s. …but this also is not a blog about the weather. Moving on…

This was the biggest cake I’ve created….four tiers, with the bottom tier 12″. (The bride selected rainbow chip as the top layer to surprise her husband…so cute!)

Adding dowels for support:

weddingcake42614 (3)

Getting higher…

weddingcake42614 (1)

And higher…

weddingcake42614 (4)

One more time…

weddingcake42614 (5)

Covered with a homemade buttercream….

weddingcake42614 (6)

And ta-da:


I loved the feeling of this wedding…the wood slices, the wild flowers…and this adorable chalkboard sign.

The bride also gave me and my husband (my helper for the day) a wedding coozie…we chose camo of course…To Have and To Hold and To Keep Your Drink Cold.

Love it!