Adorable Smash Cake and Girl!

Can’t get much cuter than babies and cake, right? Oh…and tutu’s.






Photos by Rachel Gonzalez Photography:

Roses are Red.

And dark pink and light pink and white…when you are doing an ombre cake!


I have always wanted to do a full rosette cake. I’ve done them on the tops of cakes, but never the whole thing, so I was delighted when a friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her mom.

This cake didn’t all come up roses though (youseewhatIdidthere) …red dye is awful to work with. It takes an incredible amount to make buttercream frosting red. At one point, as I was trying to make a dark red, I added some burgundy and came up with a brownish-purple….and then I had to re-start…after a drive to the store for more red coloring. And then a second store because the first was out. It appears someone else was learning about the need for lots of red coloring.

As I was trying to find some secrets online about how to get frosting red, I basically learned that you just need to buy red frosting. And deprive some of my cake of the homemade buttercream? No way.

I bought extra extra red coloring at the store…for the next time!

This cake was vanilla with a tart raspberry filling to counteract all that sweet buttercream!