Sunshine and Rainbows

Well, at least the sunshine part 🙂

This is a happy, yellow rosette cake!





Simple beauty.

I recently did a wedding cake for a couple getting married at Rancharrah. I was excited to see this venue because I’ve never been there. It’s gorgeous! And, I love the simple beauty the bride wanted for her cake. The flowers by A Floral Affair (Kelly Jo did my wedding flowers, too!) were the perfect finish for the cake.



I love the vintage dishes to serve the cake on:DSC_0288


It was so bright outside when I was taking these photos that I couldn’t see the screen so I was just guessing. Well, when I got back to a computer to view the photos, I saw that there was a trash can in the background with TRASH written very prominently… and it showed up right next to my cake. Luckily, I have some Photoshop skills that helped me at least kind of make it disappear from the photos:







A wedding with roses.

Wedding season is officially in full swing and I have endless wedding goodies scheduled over the next several weekends. This past weekend I made a 3 tier cake and 72 beautiful little cupcakes for a gorgeous wedding.

I used cupcake collars for the first time and I just love how they dress up the cupcakes.


I love using fresh flowers on cakes and these red roses were beautiful with this textured buttercream cake.


The bride and groom had an adorable cake topper…which I turned into a semi-topper…I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing, but we’ll go with it for now. (I wish I would have done this with my wedding cake!)





Do my pictures look a little better? I got a real life camera to start taking photos with instead of just relying on the trusty iPhone. I was hoping this was going to help me not take a lot of ph0tos with my phone so that cake photos aren’t taking up 90% of my storage, but it turns out I take just as many with my iPhone and then take a lot with the camera. I’ll work on that.

First photo with my new camera (a beautiful rose in my backyard!):




Roses are Red.

And dark pink and light pink and white…when you are doing an ombre cake!


I have always wanted to do a full rosette cake. I’ve done them on the tops of cakes, but never the whole thing, so I was delighted when a friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her mom.

This cake didn’t all come up roses though (youseewhatIdidthere) …red dye is awful to work with. It takes an incredible amount to make buttercream frosting red. At one point, as I was trying to make a dark red, I added some burgundy and came up with a brownish-purple….and then I had to re-start…after a drive to the store for more red coloring. And then a second store because the first was out. It appears someone else was learning about the need for lots of red coloring.

As I was trying to find some secrets online about how to get frosting red, I basically learned that you just need to buy red frosting. And deprive some of my cake of the homemade buttercream? No way.

I bought extra extra red coloring at the store…for the next time!

This cake was vanilla with a tart raspberry filling to counteract all that sweet buttercream!




Modeling Chocolate Roses …and Charity!

My latest cake has been the most fun project I’ve had…the problem is that I can’t share the whole thing with you yet. BUT…I can show you the roses I made out of modeling chocolate.

In the past I’ve used fondant and gumpaste to make flowers, but I’ve been wanting to try something new.

Modeling chocolate tastes better (I mean, you can’t go wrong with chocolate) and it’s very forgiving…that’s good and bad. I had to assemble the finishing touches of my cake in the freezing cold garage to keep the flowers well defined.

I love the look of them and can’t wait to make some more cakes using this technique.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

I also got to donate this finished cake to the Ronald McDonald house and bring some sugar and smiles to families and children healing together.

I do!

When I was first asked to make a wedding cake, I was extremely nervous.

I had about 5 decorated cakes under my belt…and a wedding cake seems so…important.

Fortunately, my first wedding cake was just one tier to complement the cake pops the bride had ordered:


Next Up? A cake for my future mother-in-law’s wedding. Three tiers to match the colors of the wedding, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate…a Neapolitan delight! I hand placed rhinestones on the three ribbons to give this cake some extra sparkle and handmade the fondant roses cascading down in ombre style.


It’s amazing to me how each cake can be so different and something I’ve never really done before. Fondant was my jam, but my bride wanted a rustic buttercream cake – three tiers (two strawberry, one very vanilla with real vanilla bean) and a chocolate sheet cake.


This has turned into one of my most favorite cakes.

Can I prove that? Yes! For my wedding just a few months later…a smaller, slightly altered version:


And last up, as I try to catch this blog up on all my past work, was a pink and black cake using the Chantilly lace technique.


I love doing wedding cakes…probably because I love weddings so much (especially after experiencing my own)! What a truly awesome day for brides and their families!

Gold Tinted Roses

Who needs rose tinted glasses when you have gold tinted roses?

This practice cake provided a sweet perspective on life last Saturday.

Not only did I need to practice some buttercream roses for an upcoming cake, but I needed a cake to incorporate into a little photoshoot that was set up on Saturday. I’m just dying to get the photos back!

Vanilla cake with homemade buttercream icing, strawberries in syrup and roses, painted gold? Yes, please!

Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect!