Can you dig it?

This construction-inspired cake can.

In fact, these machines are hard at work digging out some Oreo dirt.

construction (2)

As I was making this cake my husband asked, “Do you know what all those machines are called?”

Nope, no idea. A digger? A lifter? And…a flatener? Just kidding…I knew that last one was a steam roller. YES.

construction (1)

construction (3)

U R A 10

…and so many other cutesy Valentine sayings.

Sweethearts are awesome. I remember getting those conversation candies every year on Valentine’s Day. Seeing the way they have changed is funny…they used to say, “Kiss Me” and “Love.” Now you can add, “Text Me” and “LOL” to the mix.

So… what could be better than conversation hearts on Valentine’s Day? Chocolate-Covered Oreo Conversation Hearts on Valentine’s Day. Or CCOCH…as the cool kids would say. LOL.

These are so cute and so fun to make. I was Crazy 4 Them! If only they were All Mine… Okay, I’ll stop.

ValentinesDay (1)

ValentinesDay (2)

ValentinesDay (3)