Anchors Aweigh!

Aweigh? Yes. Aweigh! As I was trying to figure out if anchors should be possessive or not, I discovered that there is no such thing as anchors away. The more you know.

But this blog is about cakes…so let’s get to it.

As I was making this cake, I thought about how I haven’t made a fondant cake in awhile…it’s been all about the cupcakes and cake pops lately!

I just love the navy and pink together on this nautical cake.

nautical (2)

View of the back of the cake with some hearts:

nautical (3)

That anchor. Anchors aweigh…away! Seriously. I wanted to throw it away in a deep body of water somewhere…at first it was huge…and awesome. But when I was trying to put it on the cake it was being very nauty-cal! Get it?! It was very fragile and I had to reinforce it…a lot. I knew that I needed a plan B because I was delivering this cake about an hour away. So, plan B…a smaller anchor. And because anything worth doing is worth overdoing, plan C…an anchor that could lay flat on the top of the cake if all else failed…

nautical (4)

B, A, C (And we’re not talking blood alcohol content here…these are all my plans).

Clearly, plan B worked out beautifully and the cake made it in one piece (phew!):

nautical (1)

The set-up at this shower was just adorable! I can’t wait to see photos from the shower!