5 Tips When Requesting a Cake Quote

Nothing gets me more excited than getting a text, email or Facebook message asking about creating a cake for someone. Okay, sometimes wine, a good book and a hot bubble bath might…and talking about my wedding will probably always win for excitement…but cake orders are up there.

Sometimes the message I get is as simple as, “My friend wants a cake…how much do you charge?”

Trust me when I say that I wish the cake life was that simple. Instead, it’s carefully calculated based on a million different things that I agonize over and talk to myself about in the car…looking like a nut, I’m sure.

I thought I’d share some tips when requesting a cake quote…trust me…these will cut our text messages, emails, messages, etc. in half! Time is money, people. Enjoy, my infinite wisdom:*

1. Fondant or buttercream? Buttercream is just buttercream, so it generally costs less. Fondant is fondant and buttercream…two is more than one. Confused? I apologize. I hate math too. That’s why I write and bake cakes.

2. Size matters. Have you learned nothing from Cosmo? I kid. …kind of. Do you want just an eight inch cake? Or are we talking a three-tiered beauty with five dozen cupcakes on the side?

3. Let them eat cake. Don’t let your party guests go without a piece of cake. How many people does this cake need to feed? That can determine cost and size of what is needed.

4. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. It’s so true. If you were inspired by a photo you saw, send it! “How much for something similar to this?” We’ve cut at least a thousand words out of our conversation. And like I said, I do not like math, but somehow that -1,000 words =good talk.

5. The devil is in the details. Basically, I needed a fifth tip…because who wants to read, “Four tips on Requesting a Cake Quote?” When I titled this article it was 10. *I quickly realized my infinite wisdom is actually finite wisdom…and I can squeeze about five out. Five very helpful tips out. What were we talking about? Oh yes. Details. And I’m pretty sure I’m using this expression incorrectly, but I needed a fifth tip. No photo? No problem. Give me some deets. What special things do you want on your cake? Special colors? Flavors? Secret messages? I’ve baked a plastic baby into a cake before to surprise the husband and let him know…we.are.pregnant. That costs extra so I need to know these things. I’m kidding. It’s included in the basic price. Okay, so I’ve never baked a baby into a cake before. But you never know what requests might come up. Tell me everything! Your 1,000 words allow me just a few short and sweet ones. And obviously when I write too much it starts to become awkward. Like babies. In cakes. So, save yourselves!