Sunshine and Rainbows

Well, at least the sunshine part 🙂

This is a happy, yellow rosette cake!





Gorgeous Backyard Wedding

I love weddings, so it’s awesome when I get to accompany my cake at one 🙂

This was a beautiful backyard wedding for some friends.

The cake was a whiskey Jameson buttercream! So awesome!


My date and I 🙂



Flowers on point.

Often times, florists are asked by the bride to provide some extra flowers for the cake. I never know what that’s going to mean for me. Sometimes that means 3 wilted and sad flowers with one piece of greenery to decorate a 4 tier cake. Awesome. It’s going to look fab.

But sometimes…SOMETIMES…it means a generous bucket of the most gorgeous flowers. I die over this deep red. Flowers most definitely are on point.


I loved the vintage feel of this dessert set-up.


I mean really…these flowers..




Chalkboard Charm

I love the look of chalkboard cakes — they are fun to make, too.

In true Stacey fashion, I am finally posting this cake I made over a year ago. I have since made this darling little girl’s first birthday cake. Maybe you’ll get to see it in 2018 🙂




Ruffled Beauty

When I first started making cakes, I loved doing fondant cakes and wasn’t too fond(ant) seewhatIdidthere? of buttercream cakes. Now, it’s often quite the opposite. I love creating buttercream cakes and it’s amazing the different textures that can be created.

This wedding cake was my first time trying ruffled buttercream and it’s beautiful!

I created the bunting for this cake as well.


DSC_1036 DSC_1034 DSC_1039

Loved the astillbe and spray roses for this cake!


Once upon a time in a far away land…

there lived Cinderella!

But right here in my kitchen, Cinderella made a visit!

cupcakes 4-19 (2)

I love making princess things because I can use sparkles!

Glass slippers, princess crowns, a clock close to striking midnight, a carriage, a fairy godmother’s wand and beautiful flowers graced these cupcakes the color of Cinderella’s dress at the ball.

I hope they were eaten before midnight! I’d hate to see what would happen to those carriages if they weren’t!