Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars was the perfect inspiration for some cake pops for a little birthday boy!


I bet these cake pops went fast! SeewhatIdidthere?



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Once upon a time in a far away land…

there lived Cinderella!

But right here in my kitchen, Cinderella made a visit!

cupcakes 4-19 (2)

I love making princess things because I can use sparkles!

Glass slippers, princess crowns, a clock close to striking midnight, a carriage, a fairy godmother’s wand and beautiful flowers graced these cupcakes the color of Cinderella’s dress at the ball.

I hope they were eaten before midnight! I’d hate to see what would happen to those carriages if they weren’t!



Do you want to build a snoooowman?

I did! For some Frozen cupcakes.

No, not that kind of frozen. Disney’s Frozen. As if there’s any other kind right now. It seems that Frozen has completely taken over life lately. I’ve even overheard some guys talking about the movie at the gym.

I was very excited to create some Frozen cupcakes…especially excited to create Olaf…the cutest snowman ever.

cupcakes 4-19 (6)

Multiple Olafs!

cupcakes 4-19 (7)

cupcakes 4-19 (9)