Sunshine and Rainbows

Well, at least the sunshine part 🙂

This is a happy, yellow rosette cake!





Flowers on point.

Often times, florists are asked by the bride to provide some extra flowers for the cake. I never know what that’s going to mean for me. Sometimes that means 3 wilted and sad flowers with one piece of greenery to decorate a 4 tier cake. Awesome. It’s going to look fab.

But sometimes…SOMETIMES…it means a generous bucket of the most gorgeous flowers. I die over this deep red. Flowers most definitely are on point.


I loved the vintage feel of this dessert set-up.


I mean really…these flowers..





Yelp is great. I use the app on a daily basis. One time…I also made a bunch of desserts for a yelp event.

yelp, yelp, yelp… it’s one of those words that starts to look and sound funny when you keeping using it.









March Madness

And I’m not talking about basketball here.

Cakes. Cake madness of March. March Cakeness.


I think this month is the busiest month in the history of my caking. Not that that really speaks for much, but I am excited and already stocking up on extra caffeine to get through this month.

I have two styled shoots this month in the works and need four cakes for these. Styled shoots are so much fun because they are totally my vision for cakes (with awesome input from other vendors that I work with) but I get to have creative control…and that is a beautiful thing.

It’s birthday extravaganza month. What was nine months before March….June? …I don’t want to think about it.

Anyway, I have a cake lined up for a former coworker and friend and I said, “So he’s turning 5 right?” Nope…it’s 9. He’s turning 9. WHAT? So, all in one phone conversation I aged four years. Though officially I become just one year older this month. Where does the time go?

I have another birthday cake and chocolate-covered Oreos for a cute little guy turning two coming up as well as a 30th birthday cake for his dad a week later.

I’ve met with two brides already, hosted my first cake tasting, and I end March with a 3rd bride and my second wedding cake tasting.

If you want to find me this month, I will be in the kitchen. Or vintage plate thrift shopping.



Gold Tinted Roses

Who needs rose tinted glasses when you have gold tinted roses?

This practice cake provided a sweet perspective on life last Saturday.

Not only did I need to practice some buttercream roses for an upcoming cake, but I needed a cake to incorporate into a little photoshoot that was set up on Saturday. I’m just dying to get the photos back!

Vanilla cake with homemade buttercream icing, strawberries in syrup and roses, painted gold? Yes, please!

Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect!

And so it begins…

When I took a basic cake decorating class almost two years ago, I never could have imagined it going anywhere. Now, close to 50 cakes later, my website is almost complete and I’m just a tiny smidge closer to having this be more than a hobby.

With a full-time job (that does not involve powdered sugar and sprinkles, unfortunately), two dogs and a husband, sometimes the only time I have a chance to get cakes done is early in the morning (I’ve made a couple batches of fondant at 6 a.m.), lunch breaks (I’ve definitely frosted my fair share of cakes instead of eating a sandwich), or late late at night (my oven has been used many times around midnight). It’s all been so worth it, however, and I feel very lucky that I found something I can share with people that makes them smile.

Fortunately, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth so I can bake away without my waistline suffering…from the cakes, at least. If I was making french fries and potato chips, this would be a completely different story.