Guns or Glitter?

I love this fun twist on a gender reveal cake.

Plus, I love that I got to make another camo cake (check out the first one here) and I got to use plenty of glitter!


Want a little behind the scenes action?
This is how you form the camo pattern (looks appetizing right?):


But a quick roll-over and we’ve got a beautiful camo piece ready to cover the cake:



Oh…and by the way… it was glitter! So many baby girls are on the way! ❤



You’re my favorite color, camouflage.

I’ve always wanted to try to create a camouflage pattern out of fondant…and I finally got my chance with this G.I. Joe cake:

photo 4

I started by creating three different colors of green and one brown. I rolled them into different shapes and placed them really close together.

photo 1

Then, I rolled it out and hoped for the best:

photo 2

And it worked out pretty well!

photo 3