Up, up and away!

A darling little boy turned one and he got to celebrate with an Up-themed party. That movie is one of my favorites.


DSC_0384 But there was more than cake…there were cupcakes and cakepops and chocolate-covered Oreos…oh my! DSC_0390 Some hot air balloons, of course! And, the “grape soda” pins from the movie…I added the word “grape” post-photo shoot…some times patience is not my thing. DSC_0388 DSC_0391




Cake on Sunday in print and on the radio

Thanks to Yelp!

Check out Cake on Sunday in Reno’s New Restaurant Roundup: http://www.yelp.com/weekly_yelp/QVP70uBeWRdylaCrPHOJMQ.


Cake never sounded so sweet. I was also mentioned on the 7:30 Yelp this morning on KTHX-FM: http://www.myradiox.com/The-Schnooz-The-7-30-YELP-9-18-14/18093715?pid=428007

Yay…I may never get a full night’s sleep anymore because of Cake on Sunday…but this makes me feel less tired 🙂



Baby’s Breath Beauty

Sometimes I think Baby’s Breath gets a bad rap…but I think it’s beautiful and I just love when I get to put it on rustic buttercream cakes.

I also love photographing cakes as the sun is rising. Cakes certainly don’t let me sleep in… but seeing the sunrise is a pretty good tradeoff.



IMG_1851 IMG_1850



The best cake.

I found it. Carrot cake. I am not big on sweets and can usually pass on anything I bake. Well…not carrot cake. I might have baked extra cupcakes and I might eat two every day. Thank goodness they are almost gone.

On top of the extra cupcakes I made, I baked 4 dozen cupcakes and a three-tier cake for a rooftop reception. So much carrot cake goodness.





Current fave: Textured buttercream and basic flowers

I love these simple, beautiful cakes.

I found these flowers in my backyard and they were the perfect touch for this textured cake for a couple to bring up to Lake Tahoe.

photo 2

photo 1

In fact, I love them so much, I made another similar one for a BBQ I went to:

photo 3

Both of these cakes were almond with raspberry filling!

photo 4



Simple beauty.

I recently did a wedding cake for a couple getting married at Rancharrah. I was excited to see this venue because I’ve never been there. It’s gorgeous! And, I love the simple beauty the bride wanted for her cake. The flowers by A Floral Affair (Kelly Jo did my wedding flowers, too!) were the perfect finish for the cake.



I love the vintage dishes to serve the cake on:DSC_0288


It was so bright outside when I was taking these photos that I couldn’t see the screen so I was just guessing. Well, when I got back to a computer to view the photos, I saw that there was a trash can in the background with TRASH written very prominently… and it showed up right next to my cake. Luckily, I have some Photoshop skills that helped me at least kind of make it disappear from the photos: