Dessert Bar by Cake on Sunday

This past weekend I had one of my biggest challenges…a cake and full dessert bar by Cake on Sunday for a wedding of 200.

One two-tier cake (almond cake with raspberry filling and textured buttercream…so good!)

One sheet cake

2 dozen chocolate covered Oreos

4 dozen cupcakes

2 dozen cakepops

30 parfaits

….and 0 sleep.

Oh, and as I had to remember 209 goodies before driving up to Lake Tahoe to deliver them…I forgot my camera. *Sigh* Back to iPhone photos for a post.

Here is the cake before the adorable cake topper (bears!) and flowers were added at the venue:

wedding062114 (12)


wedding062114 (8)

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate curls on top and vanilla cupcakes with white sprinkles!

wedding062114 (11)

wedding062114 (13)

Key lime pie parfaits:


Chocolate peanut butter parfaits:


Banana cream pie parfaits:

wedding062114 (2)

wedding062114 (6)

I’m done baking for awhile…or until Wednesday!



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