A San Francisco Wedding…

…for one of my longest friends, so I was very honored to make the cake for her wedding. Plus, her cake inspirations were gorgeous so I knew that I would be making a pretty little cake.

This cake and I got pretty close since I had to drive with it…staring at it and making sure nothing happened…for four hours.

I got a fantastic new teal cake plate that I couldn’t wait to photograph this cake on:

photo 3

I hand-painted gold drippings on both tiers and in this picture, it’s still a little wet (patience, what?) but it dried to a gorgeous finish for the wedding.

The hubby and I made it to the reception site with minutes to spare, so I snapped a picture to prove that the cake had made it in one piece and we were off to the ceremony site in the city at Notre Dame Des Victoires.


The ceremony was gorgeous:

AllieWedding (1)

After spending time in this beautiful church, it was back to the reception site – The Basque Cultural Center. Yep, a French Basque wedding, where the food did not disappoint.

Europeans sure know how to eat dinner…multiple, multiple courses. And plenty of wine. And did I mention that some of the courses are cheese and the most delectable meats (like prosciutto! I would give up just about anything for some prosciutto!)?

AllieWedding (4)

And the bride’s taste did not disappoint…gorgeous peony centerpieces!

AllieWedding (5)

After a great evening it was cake time! I wonder if I can make a cake out of prosciutto?

AllieWedding (2)

AllieWedding (3)

A little friendly smash:

photo 2

photo 4

And here’s the couple during their first dance:

photo 1

Awww….weddings are THE best.


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