A wedding dress made of cupcakes.

Now what can be more lovely than that?

Step 1: Start with a huge pile of cupcakes (6 dozen French vanilla, this time around).

photo 2

Step 2: Assemble cupcakes in the shape of a dress.

photo 3

Step 3: Frost away (I used cream cheese icing on these ones).

photo 4



Cake on Sunday…in video!

I’m like a proud momma. Two of my babies make appearances in this 2014 Wedding Linen Trends video by Creative Coverings.

Check out the entire video to see beautiful table set-ups that really make me want to have a party, but pay close attention to 0:45 and beyond!

I really did feel like a mom dropping my babies off at summer camp when I dropped these two cakes off for display at Creative Coverings.

Be good…have fun…don’t forget about me…I’ll miss you.

Annnnnd, cue the crazy cake lady.

It’s wedding season!

And I had my first wedding cake of the year this past weekend.

As I was making the cake it was snowing. And not only did I have to drop everything to bring in the nearly $100 of flowers that were outside getting covered in snow (please don’t die, please don’t die), but it also brought me back to my wedding day. My wedding day in September brought the first snow of the season. Not exactly what I had pictured for my wedding day in September but it all worked out just perfectly. Wait, this isn’t about me and my wedding day, huh?

I felt an extra connection to this bride who’s wedding was likely falling on the final snow of the season. This next weekend, the weather is going to be in the 80s. …but this also is not a blog about the weather. Moving on…

This was the biggest cake I’ve created….four tiers, with the bottom tier 12″. (The bride selected rainbow chip as the top layer to surprise her husband…so cute!)

Adding dowels for support:

weddingcake42614 (3)

Getting higher…

weddingcake42614 (1)

And higher…

weddingcake42614 (4)

One more time…

weddingcake42614 (5)

Covered with a homemade buttercream….

weddingcake42614 (6)

And ta-da:


I loved the feeling of this wedding…the wood slices, the wild flowers…and this adorable chalkboard sign.

The bride also gave me and my husband (my helper for the day) a wedding coozie…we chose camo of course…To Have and To Hold and To Keep Your Drink Cold.

Love it!



Welcome to the jungle.

We got cupcakes and cakepops. We got everything you want.

Nothing like a little Guns ‘n’ Roses to start the week off.

A baby girl is on the way and I got to make the most adorable cupcakes and cake pops for the baby shower.

These are probably some of my most favorite creations to date. They are just so adorable!

babyshower4-26 (8)

Lions, monkeys and zebras…oh my! babyshower4-26 (6)

Animal print cake pops…and pink sprinkles, of course!

babyshower4-26 (14)

babyshower4-26 (9)

babyshower4-26 (13)

babyshower4-26 (2)

I actually created all these little animals days before they were due…I’m pretty sure that’s a first for this procrastinator!

babyshower4-26 (1)



Once upon a time in a far away land…

there lived Cinderella!

But right here in my kitchen, Cinderella made a visit!

cupcakes 4-19 (2)

I love making princess things because I can use sparkles!

Glass slippers, princess crowns, a clock close to striking midnight, a carriage, a fairy godmother’s wand and beautiful flowers graced these cupcakes the color of Cinderella’s dress at the ball.

I hope they were eaten before midnight! I’d hate to see what would happen to those carriages if they weren’t!



Can I live in lulu?

I’m not really a fancy pants…

until now with the Grand Opening of the lululemon athletica showroom in Reno.

I was asked to make cupcakes for the grand opening party for lululemon and I was so excited to be a part of this celebration.

I’ve always said I would never spend that kind of money on workout clothes. I had also never tried on a pair of lululemon pants before. Now I suggest that everyone go out and get a pair of pants from lululemon. So comfy and they make you look and feel great.

Speaking of looking great, the cupcakes didn’t look so bad themselves.

Logos, pants, sports bras and words to live by…

cupcakes 4-19 (4)

cupcakes 4-19 (5)




Do you want to build a snoooowman?

I did! For some Frozen cupcakes.

No, not that kind of frozen. Disney’s Frozen. As if there’s any other kind right now. It seems that Frozen has completely taken over life lately. I’ve even overheard some guys talking about the movie at the gym.

I was very excited to create some Frozen cupcakes…especially excited to create Olaf…the cutest snowman ever.

cupcakes 4-19 (6)

Multiple Olafs!

cupcakes 4-19 (7)

cupcakes 4-19 (9)



50 Thoughts Every Caker has While…Caking?

Have you seen the article about 75 Thoughts Every Runner has While Out for a Run? Is that what I look like when I run? What am I, a newborn deer with a drinking problem?

If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and read it. Even if you’ve only ever run one time in your life, it’s hilarious.

As I was working on a cake last night, I had a million thoughts running through my head, and I thought…this could work.

So here you go, 50 Thoughts Every Caker has while Caking… or at least thoughts I have…I haven’t actually talked to a single other caker about this and I could be on my own here.

  1. I can’t wait to start baking today.
  2. Ugh, I only have 2 eggs.
  3. I should have just had oatmeal the other morning instead of that omelet.
  4. Do I have to go to the store or can I make less eggs work?
  5. Gah, I have to go to the store.
  6. Does than mean I need to wash the powdered sugar off my face?
  7. I should really wear an apron. Or at least something white. Will people notice the white powder on me?
  8. I need to get back to baking.
  9. Alright, after a quick trip to the store, I am ready to start baking today.
  10. Don’t overmix, don’t undermix…and BAM. Cake batter perfection.
  11. I better lick the whisk and make sure this is going to taste okay.
  12. Oven set, now what do I feel like belting out today?
  13. Be…Our…Guest…Be our guest, put our service to the test.
  14. Oh gosh, these kids’ cakes are really getting to me.
  15. Can my neighbor see me?
  16. I’m so glad my husband is not here to see me.
  17. I wouldn’t have a husband if I started caking when I was single.
  18. Instead of the cat lady, I’d be the cake lady.
  19. I could be like Cake Baby from Bridesmaids.
  20. I wonder how hard it is to bake a big heart cookie like in the movie?
  21. I’d be so mad if anyone punched a hole in my baked goods.
  22. 5 minutes left on the oven? I need to get this frosting going.
  23. Red frosting is going to be so easy.
  24. How much red coloring is the going to take?
  25. Google search: the best way to get red frosting red.
  26. Psh, Google answer, buy it? Rookies.
  27. Let’s try some black in there…and yeah sure the burgundy.
  28. Oh God. This is turning purple. Why did I do that?
  29. Google search: how do I fix red frosting that I’ve turned pur… backspace backspace backspace.
  30. Put the phone down and focus.
  31. Why did I agree to make this cake?
  32. Why do I make any cakes?
  33. Ooo, oven’s ready. Toothpick check…and good.
  34. I need an assistant. Someone to clean all these cake dishes and get the cake all ready for me to decorate.
  35. If I was rich I would hire one.
  36. If I was rich would I make cakes?
  37. Why doesn’t my husband ever buy lottery tickets?
  38. Glad we don’t have one of those here. Every store trip for an egg would result in a lottery ticket purchase.
  39. I’d have such great odds.
  40. Imagine winning the lottery.
  41. I’d buy really nice towels and bedsheets first.
  42. No, first, I need to finish this cake.
  43. Frosted and ready to decorate…Gah, why did I touch that?! I’ll have to put an extra flower right here…and here.
  44. Ok good, they’ll never notice.
  45. I need a picture to prove I finished this. What if I drop it on the way to get a picture of it? I’ll have n0 proof.
  46. What if the person who wants this cake drops it?
  47. At least I’ll have a picture.
  48. This was not that bad. I like cakes.
  49. What am I thinking? Is this like running? I should write about this on my cake blog.
  50. What do I call it? Caking? Can I say that?



Roses are Red.

And dark pink and light pink and white…when you are doing an ombre cake!


I have always wanted to do a full rosette cake. I’ve done them on the tops of cakes, but never the whole thing, so I was delighted when a friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her mom.

This cake didn’t all come up roses though (youseewhatIdidthere) …red dye is awful to work with. It takes an incredible amount to make buttercream frosting red. At one point, as I was trying to make a dark red, I added some burgundy and came up with a brownish-purple….and then I had to re-start…after a drive to the store for more red coloring. And then a second store because the first was out. It appears someone else was learning about the need for lots of red coloring.

As I was trying to find some secrets online about how to get frosting red, I basically learned that you just need to buy red frosting. And deprive some of my cake of the homemade buttercream? No way.

I bought extra extra red coloring at the store…for the next time!

This cake was vanilla with a tart raspberry filling to counteract all that sweet buttercream!