So many Steveheads, so little time.

Ok, so as long as there are late nights, early mornings and lunch breaks…there is plenty of time. As long as you have plenty of caffeine.

I’d never heard of “Steve head” …and I still don’t even know if it’s one word or two…before a couple of weeks ago when a friend requested some Stevehead cupcakes for her son’s birthday.

Stevehead is from the game Minecraft. I also don’t know what that is. I Googled it. Is that what the kids are playing these days? Does that make me old?

Anyway, I present to you, the pre-Stevehead, pre-frosting cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla:

Stevehead (4)

I jazzed these cupcakes up with a little homemade buttercream icing:

Stevehead (5) Stevehead (1)

And then it was time for all of my hard work to come together…I hand cut and hand placed about a million (I lost count after 78) little squares to make a bunch of Steveheads.

Stevehead (3)

And here’s the finished product:

Stevehead (2)

Stevehead (6)

I have pretty much had enough of this Stevehead fellow for awhile.

I hope these make for a very happy birthday to the birthday boy!!



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