A(nother) wedding cake tasting…

March started with my first ever wedding cake tasting and it ended with my second.

I just love this bride and her fiance!

Cupcake cheers!


This cake tasting I was able to try out some new flavors thanks to requests from the bride.

Almond cake (amazing!!), rainbowchip cake, lemon icing and caramel icing…alongside some of the standard favorites like cream cheese icing, very vanilla everything and chocolate.

caketaste (1)

I love doing cake tastings because it’s the perfect excuse to buy flowers to have around the house!

caketaste (2)

(And cute paper straws and mini forks and vintage dishes and chevron cupcake wrappers and napkins) …I have problems.

These wedding cake tastings are enablers.

The beautiful bride to be! I can’t wait for the wedding in August!

photo 1



Cowgirl Up!

Put on your cowgirl boots…or just eat this custom fondant boot I made for a western-themed 60th surprise birthday cake!


Fresh daisies help to fancy up this cake decorated with cacti, cowboy hats and rope. Yeehaw!




30th Birthdays are Better with Sugar

This past weekend I went matchy, matchy and created some cake pops and a birthday present cake for a 30th birthday.

The last time I made cake pops, I wanted to cry but I knew I had to figure them out sometime. Also…I don’t even really like sweets and I ate like three of these. Cake pops are dangerous.

30 (2)

Happy 30th Birthday!

30th birthdaycake esigstace_pdf


So many Steveheads, so little time.

Ok, so as long as there are late nights, early mornings and lunch breaks…there is plenty of time. As long as you have plenty of caffeine.

I’d never heard of “Steve head” …and I still don’t even know if it’s one word or two…before a couple of weeks ago when a friend requested some Stevehead cupcakes for her son’s birthday.

Stevehead is from the game Minecraft. I also don’t know what that is. I Googled it. Is that what the kids are playing these days? Does that make me old?

Anyway, I present to you, the pre-Stevehead, pre-frosting cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla:

Stevehead (4)

I jazzed these cupcakes up with a little homemade buttercream icing:

Stevehead (5) Stevehead (1)

And then it was time for all of my hard work to come together…I hand cut and hand placed about a million (I lost count after 78) little squares to make a bunch of Steveheads.

Stevehead (3)

And here’s the finished product:

Stevehead (2)

Stevehead (6)

I have pretty much had enough of this Stevehead fellow for awhile.

I hope these make for a very happy birthday to the birthday boy!!



He’s Got a Ticket to Ride


I got to make a darling train cake for a little boy who just turned two!

photo 5

Plus, chocolate covered Oreos! Mo’ sugar, mo’ betta.

photo 3

photo 2

AND…I got to use my new pink cake boxes for the first time. No more boring white for Cake on Sunday!

photo 4



You win some, you lose some.

With the latest flower I molded out of fondant and gumpaste, it was both.

I love the look of that big peony on a cake and knew that was exactly what I wanted for an upcoming styled shoot I have. After searching online for how to make one, most people said they used “peony cutters.” Okay, let me get some of those… $18.00? Ugh, no thanks. Next online search, “Peonies without peony cutters.”

Ding, ding, ding! I found this blog post: How to Make a Gumpaste Peony Without a Peony Cutter

And with just a few quick cuts with the ruffled heart cookie cutter, I had this:


So where’s the “lose some” you ask? That flower was actually the second one I made. Oh man, you should see the first one. Actually, you probably shouldn’t, but I’ll show you what not to do in hopes you can avoid all that wasted time and effort.

  • Do not roll out your fondant/gumpaste too thick.
  • Do not under-ruffle (technical term) the edges.

If you manage to do these two things I told you not to do, you will have this:


It’s hard to believe these two flowers were created using the same tools.

I get sad every time I look at that photo.

I can’t wait to try (and mess up) some other new flowers in the future!

March Madness

And I’m not talking about basketball here.

Cakes. Cake madness of March. March Cakeness.


I think this month is the busiest month in the history of my caking. Not that that really speaks for much, but I am excited and already stocking up on extra caffeine to get through this month.

I have two styled shoots this month in the works and need four cakes for these. Styled shoots are so much fun because they are totally my vision for cakes (with awesome input from other vendors that I work with) but I get to have creative control…and that is a beautiful thing.

It’s birthday extravaganza month. What was nine months before March….June? …I don’t want to think about it.

Anyway, I have a cake lined up for a former coworker and friend and I said, “So he’s turning 5 right?” Nope…it’s 9. He’s turning 9. WHAT? So, all in one phone conversation I aged four years. Though officially I become just one year older this month. Where does the time go?

I have another birthday cake and chocolate-covered Oreos for a cute little guy turning two coming up as well as a 30th birthday cake for his dad a week later.

I’ve met with two brides already, hosted my first cake tasting, and I end March with a 3rd bride and my second wedding cake tasting.

If you want to find me this month, I will be in the kitchen. Or vintage plate thrift shopping.



A Wedding Cake Tasting

This past weekend I hosted my first cake tasting for a lovely bride and her two sisters. I loved getting everything set up for the tasting, from the vintage dishes to the mini forks, to the chalkboard mini-signs (a re-use from my wedding!)

photo 3

On the menu?

Very Vanilla, Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet Cake

Traditional, Chocolate and Raspberry Buttercream Icing, and Very Vanilla Icing

Raspberry Filling (this was my first time making filling and it is SO good…can’t wait to try it in all sorts of cakes!)

caketaste (2) caketaste (3)

Plus, I discovered that vintage plate thrifting is my new favorite thing to do. Now…where to store all these new dishes and adorable tea cups?!

caketaste (1)

photo 4

caketaste (4)

Cake tasting success! Wedding cake booked for June!