A nod to the olden days…

also known as 2012, when I completed my first cakes.

Though I sometimes cringe a little bit when I look at these, I think it’s awesome to see where I started and what got me to where I am. (You’ll also notice that my picture taking skills have yet to improve. I do apologize).

Technically, I finished one cake in class before this one…it had a picture of a cupcake on it. A cupcake on a cake. What an idea. Honestly…I think it’s probably better you just imagine what it looked like.

This buttercream cake had quite the technique involved…roses, leaves, ribbon and writing!

Practicing Roses and Writing

Practicing Roses and Writing

I learned many a royal icing flower…



This is probably the most icing I’ve ever put on a cake…the basket weave!


Neon never looked so good.

And soon I graduated from buttercream and royal icing and it was on to fondant.


Fondant Flowers

And my graduation cake?



Bam! So this is what I had presented to the social media world. And based on just these pictures, somebody actually thought I could make them a cake for their beach-themed bridal shower.

And so I did.


Skinny-Dippin’ Love

The rest, as they say, is history. Now I’ve done wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and cakes for all sorts of occasions. A few cupcakes too!


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